Horizon Supreme is a washing station located in the hills of southern Rwanda, where a combination ofhigh altitude and good rains give some of the highest quality from the country. Leo Fidele Ndagijimana, the owner, purchased the wet mill from a previous owner who had failed to operate it and was not able to process coffee for many years. After buying the washing station end of 2018, Fidele replaced and fixed the mill’s machinery. He used his experience from managing washing stations in the western Rwanda to create a new benchmark for quality. Fidele named the wet mill Horizon to guide his vision of processing quality coffee.


Tasting Notes - Ripe fig, cherry, cocoa nibs and, full and velvety toffee mouth-feel complemented by a rounded tangerine acidity

SCA Cupping Score - 86

Altitude - 1700masl

Process - Washed

Vareietal - Red Bourbon

The Clubhouse - Rwanda